The Garden Club of Stone Harbor welcomes you to our special place. The Garden Club takes pride in our contribution to the beautification of Stone Harbor with the assistance of SHPOA, and the Borough: plantings on the islands on second avenue, the beautiful urns and baskets in the business district, the Garden of Remembrance at 122nd St. and the beach, created in honor of our deceased members, and the window boxes at the Bridge Tenders building. We also contribute to the garden fund at the Elementary School, and a tree on Arbor Day.

These contributions to our beautiful borough are possible through our fundraisers each year: our Plant Sale, Fashion Show, Yard Sale, and House Tour, This past year we had challenges with these as events, as several had to be cancelled during the pandemic. We are resurrecting them this year, and are hoping for the Community’s support. We know we can count on our members to donate their time and efforts in making these fundraiser’s successful.

We welcome all of you to our membership, and hope we can engage all members in our activities, and encourage new members to join us. We need all members and community support to overcome the challenges we faced in the past two years. Our meetings are usually held the second Monday of each month at 9:30am at the Women’s Civic Club of Stone Harbor(96th St. and the Beach). Interesting speakers address the membership, as well as our own members. Come and join the fun, while contributing to many worthwhile activities, and you too, will feel the pride in the beatification of our wonderful town.

Thank you to the community and our Garden Club of Stone Harbor members.
Sandy Slabik, President

To Purchase Tickets:

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Reserve Ticket #:   Call or Text Phyllis Reger 609-532-7523

Venmo Payment:   @GCSH08247


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Tickets Available for Pick Up at Local Businesses from 10am-5pm: 

Diller Fisher RE
9614 Third Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ

218 96th Street, Stone Harbor, NJ

People People
9810 Third Avenue, Stone Harbor, NJ

Charlotte Shoppe
9716 Third Avenue, Stone Harbor, NJ

SH Chamber of Commerce
212 96th Street, Stone Harbor, NJ

Cynthia Schweickhardt

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Cynthia Schweickhardt, pictured here with her husband Lou, is retiring after several years of directing Island Planting for the Garden Club of Stone Harbor.

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